visual impairments

BigKeys is a standard push-button keyboard but with bigger keys. The keys are 1″ square and are very clearly marked with text that is […]


The following is a list of specialist keyboards designed for people with physical, visual or cognitive disabilities. See my Keyboard Access page for information […]

Keyboards for Disabled People

Windows 8 Mouse Properties 2
Windows Snap To Snap To is an accessibility option in Windows that automatically moves the cursor to the default button (usually “OK”) in any dialog box. […]

Snapping the mouse pointer to buttons

Pointer trails can make the mouse pointer much easier to see and follow. This tutorial shows how to set them up. This tutorial applies […]

Enabling pointer trails

By knowing a little about how screens work and Windows displays itself you can make better decisions as to the best practices in making […]

How screens work

I recently stumbled across a new set of text-to-speech voices produced by CereProc in Edinburgh. They have a fantastic collection of realistic voices covering […]

CereProc Voices