Today I was instructed by my university to download SPSS from their server so I could complete a practical statistics activity for my course. […]

Downloading Large Files Slowly

By knowing a little about how screens work and Windows displays itself you can make better decisions as to the best practices in making […]

How screens work

Samsung NB30 Netbook
Here’s a thing. Samsung have brought out a semi-ruggerised netbook and are showing it off at BETT (Stand M45). Samsung netbooks are widely known […]

The best netbook for schools?

Windows 7 Logo
My first problem in an otherwise – touch wood – wonderful Windows 7 experience. A few weeks after installing the Windows 7 release candidate, […]

Fixing random Windows 7 noises

The seemingly straightforward ‘switch’ can open up a whole new world for people with physical or cognitive difficulties. These pages will show what switches are and […]

Switch Access