Windows 8 Mouse Properties 2
Windows Snap To Snap To is an accessibility option in Windows that automatically moves the cursor to the default button (usually “OK”) in any dialog box. […]

Snapping the mouse pointer to buttons

Mouse tremor
Hardware Ten years ago IBM created a box that you could plug into your computer that would reduce the effect of tremors on the movement of […]

Solutions for Mouse Tremors

Pointer trails can make the mouse pointer much easier to see and follow. This tutorial shows how to set them up. This tutorial applies […]

Enabling pointer trails

It’s possible to download free software that allows people to use a mouse, or mouse alternative such as a rollerball or headpointer, without needing […]

Using mouse dwell (instead of clicking)

Windows 8 Explorer Options
Double-clicks are used to open folders and launch applications in Windows explorer (including on the desktop). They are used to open emails in Outlook. […]

Removing the need to double-click

Windows 8 Double-Clicking Speed
A double-click should be performed in pretty much exactly half a second. If you find this difficult to achieve then you can change the setting […]

Slow double-click speed

This page explains how computers can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts which, when combined with a mouse, can make using a computer much quicker. […]

Using keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 Mouse Settings (left/right buttons)
If you are left-handed then you will benefit from having a mouse that fits your hand (many are designed specifically for the right hand). You […]

Swap your mouse buttons

Mouse pointer speed options
Microsoft Windows has an easily adjustable option which allows users to speed up and slow down the mouse. Slowing the mouse movement can help […]

Adjust the speed of your mouse