future tech

The Soli chip
I work with a number of people who benefit from the Micro Light switch to access computers, phones and tablets. The switch is suitable […]

Project Soli captures tiny gestures

Samsung Galaxy S3
As of April 2013 people will be able to buy, albeit¬†quite expensively, a mobile¬†phone that is accessible partly using eye control. This is similar […]

Eyegaze comes to mobile phones

Nabaztag RFID rabbits
Well the title says it all, doesn’t it? No? Ok a little explanation: I’ve been experimenting with a friendly RFID reader called mir:ror and […]

RFID Rabbit-Be-Gone

The current iPhone and iPod touch are becomming increasingly popular as affordable, pocketable voice-out communication aids due to the Proloquo2go software. However one of […]

Next iPhone to touch back?