Microsoft Word in-line Spellcheck
For a long time computers can have been able to read aloud┬átext on web pages, documents, PDFs and even scanned images. The computer voices […]

New reading aloud features in MS Word

This document looks at the various presentation options for text on modern computers. It can be used as a method for self-assessment or to […]

Font Types and Spacing

Reading Computers can provide great benefits for those that have difficulty reading. Here are some ways in which they can help: Optical Character Recognition […]

Dyslexia and Assistive Technology

WordQ Logo
WordQ offers help when writing documents by providing word prompts and sentence-by-sentence proofreading. When bundled with SpeakQ it also allows individual words to be […]


I recently stumbled across a new set of text-to-speech voices produced by CereProc in Edinburgh. They have a fantastic collection of realistic voices covering […]

CereProc Voices

On Friday I went to my first Disabled Students’ Allowance Workshop day at Assistive Solutions in Dalston. First of all a big ‘Thank You’ […]

DSA Workshop at Assistive Solutions