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Mouse tremor


Assistive Mouse Adapter

Assistive Mouse Adapter

Ten years ago IBM created a box that you could plug into your computer that would reduce the effect of tremors on the movement of the mouse. The Assistive Mouse Adaptor was made by a company called Montrose Secam Ltd. Their website is down and I think the company and the box is no longer available.


Windows 8.1

There are currently no tremor-reducing software solutions for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

Windows XP / 7 / Vista

SteadyMouse is free software that works with these versions of windows and can make using a mouse significantly easier if you have a tremor. You can download the latest version of SteadyMouse for free.

Other Options

You can also try slowing down the movement of the pointer in Windows, enable “snapping” so the cursor jumps to targets such as buttons, increase the size of buttons and other targets or try a different mouse or specialist pointer.

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2 thoughts on “Solutions for Mouse Tremors

  • James Cosgrave

    Hello Charlie

    Having read about you and your interest in Assistive technology, I thought that I would say hello!

    My name is James Cosgrave (Montrose Secam Limited) and I worked with Jim Levine of IBM on the Assistive Mouse Adapter (AMA) and my small electronics company marketed the device globally for some ten years.

    I am an ex-East African bush pilot/airline pilot and I have had essential Tremor (ET) from the age of about 15 years. I still use the AMA and would sorely miss it. I still fly and have a new very modern Light Aircraft which I share with my stepson. My house is in a village about 20mins from LHR

    By the end of our ten year agreement with IBM I was approaching the age of 80 years (my present age) and we decided not to renew the IBM agreement for a further period.

    It is not generally known that we (MS Ltd) developed an advanced version of the AMA by miniaturising the electronics and housing the whole works inside an apparently normal USB Optical Mouse which simply plugs directly into any proprietary computer including the Apple range.

    My reason for contacting you is to find out if you would have any interest in discussing the new product which we virtually completed.

    Its potential is excellent and it could be marketed through the computer industry and it would be help many more tremor sufferers.

    I would appreciate your comments.

    Kind regards


    James Cosgrave
    TEL: 01753 653125 (Voice Mail)

    • Charlie Post author

      Hi James! Sounds interesting. There aren’t really any good mouse solutions for tremors that I’m aware of. I’m usually resulting to recommend using the keyboard to navigate the computer, but this is inefficient for web browsing and practically impossible for games! Why don’t you shoot me an email to with more details of your product?