Snapping the mouse pointer to buttons 2

Windows 8 Mouse Properties

Windows Snap To

Snap To is an accessibility option in Windows that automatically moves the cursor to the default button (usually “OK”) in any dialog box. This can help users who find it difficult to press on the OK button but doesn’t help people to click on the other elements in the form such as the cancel button, the close button or any of the lists or controls.

Third party snapping software

I have a vague memory that in the past there has been software available that snaps more comprehensively than Windows’ built-in feature. If any readers are aware of any software please get in touch in the comments below.

Other solutions

There are many other options that can help people who are struggling to click their mouse on small buttons. You can make buttons and icons bigger and therefore easier to click on, you can slow down the mouse, you can buy a specialist mouse that’s easier to use, try plugging in a switch to act as an easier left mouse button or try free mouse dwell software.



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2 thoughts on “Snapping the mouse pointer to buttons

  • Rani

    Hi Charlie,

    found your site helpful. I have a visual impairment and have enabled the cursor locator. The challenge is that I don’t see the white rings surrounding the cursor so it is not much of a help. Is there a way to change the color of the circles to red or yellow so that it is more visible?


    • Charlie Post author

      Hi Rani. I’ve been trying to think of something to help you. You can use ZoomText which will allow you to have a permanent circle and you can choose the colour. It also supports cross-hairs and other useful enhancements. Unfortunately ZoomText is quite expensive. Another option would be to use oversized mouse cursors?