I can’t see the screen very well

This part of the website is being updated from the old site. Hold tight and links to new content will appear here soon! You can easily buy a larger computer screen but it’s even easier to adjust Windows’ display options so you’ll always see bigger icons and bigger text. Read on – and if you’re struggling to […]

I find the keyboard difficult to use

This part of the website is being updated from the old site. Hold tight and links to new content will appear here soon! You are not alone! A lot of people have difficulties using standard computer keyboards. It is possible to buy keyboards of alternative shapes and sizes that can help. But before you consider […]

I have trouble using the mouse

The computer mouse requires a complex arrangement of tricky movements and a lot of people struggle with these. There are mice available in a wide variety of forms and size which can be easier to use. There are also lots of alternatives to mice: rollerballs, joysticks, head pointing, switch access and eye gaze are all […]

World OT Day 2015

Celebrate the role that OTs have in helping people lead fulfilling and meaningful lives around the world. Yesterday I joined forces with Sidra Medical and Research Center to demonstrate how children with the most complex needs can access classroom activities using advanced technology including Eye Gaze. If you would like to know more about this […]

Colour tinting your computer screen (to make text easier to read)

Mears Irlen Syndrome / Visual Stress (MISVis), also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS), describes distortions in vision sometimes experienced by people with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and others. Many people describe seeing distorted and moving text which can significantly affect comfort, efficiency and comprehension in reading tasks. Many people who experience these issues […]

Developing symbolic communication using a BIGMack and a clapping activity

Background Information When we’re born we immediately use a range of pre-intentional behaviours to communicate. Generally a crying or laughing baby is not consciously intending to get her message across but is instead involuntarily reflecting the way she is feeling. Between six and twelve months children begin to demonstrate intentional behaviours which include facial expressions and simple gestures such […]

Snapping the mouse pointer to buttons

Windows Snap To Snap To is an accessibility option in Windows that automatically moves the cursor to the default button (usually “OK”) in any dialog box. This can help users who find it difficult to press on the OK button but doesn’t help people to click on the other elements in the form such as the cancel button, […]

Alternatives to the regular computer mouse

If you’re finding the computer mouse difficult to use you might to think about making some changes in Windows or downloading some free software to help. For many people, however, a specialist alternative to the regular mouse will provide the optimum solution. Here’s some of the more popular options currently available to you. Ergonomic Mice Sometimes […]

Solutions for Mouse Tremors

Hardware Ten years ago IBM created a box that you could plug into your computer that would reduce the effect of tremors on the movement of the mouse. The Assistive Mouse Adaptor was made by a company called Montrose Secam Ltd. Their website is down and I think the company and the box is no longer available. Software […]

Project Soli captures tiny gestures

I work with a number of people who benefit from the Micro Light switch to access computers, phones and tablets. The switch is suitable for people who have very small or weak movements in the hand, wrist or fingers. However due to the small size of the movements the switch must be consistently positioned in […]